Cuban Athletes in 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games




Sancti Spiritus Medals in Veracruz

Cuban Track and Field Athletes with Five Gold Medals in CAC Games

Cuban Wrestler Mijain Lopez Wins His Only Missing Title

Five New Gold Medals for Cuba in CAC Games

Cuba Tops Veracruz 2014 Games

Cuban Yordanis Garcia Awarded Gold in CACG

Cuban Wrestlers Win Four Gold Medals

Cuban Shooter Pupo Best in Rapid Fire Pistol

Cuban Pole Vaulter Wins Gold, Sets CAC Record

Cuba Men’s Field Hockey Team Awarded Gold in Veracruz

Cuban Hammer Thrower’s New Record in CACG

Cuba Winner of CACG Baseball

Sancti Spiritus Eglys de la Cruz Obtains Second Gold Medal in Veracruz

Cuba Wins Women’s Team Pursuit in CAC Cycling with Record

Cuban Baseball Team Unbeaten in Veracruz Games

Sancti Spiritus Yumari Gonzalez Gives Gold Medal to Cuba

Cuba Wins Gold in Taekwondo in Veracruz Games

Three More Gold Medals for Cuba in Shooting Sports

Cuba Gets Gold in Women’s Team Sprint in CAC Games

Cuba Beats Mexico in CAC Baseball Match

Cuban Placed Second in Veracruz Games

Puerto Rico Beats Cuba in Table Tennis in Veracruz

Cuban Female Athlete Wins Epee in Veracruz Games

Swimmer Hanser Garcia Wins Gold and Sets Record in Veracruz Games

Sancti Spiritus Athletes’ Wins on First Day in Veracruz

Serguey Torres Wins First Gold Medal for Cuba

Cuba in Veracruz

Cuban Sport Delegation Arrives in Veracruz

Frederich Cepeda in Cuban Team to Veracruz 2014








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