The Power of Listening

Living as a couple imposes many challenges on us. It’s not possible to empathize with another person in absolutely every aspect, much less with the person we live with on a daily basis because, unlike other relationships – friendship or work – we can’t evade or flee from those who accompany us in life.»

Cuba to hold Obstetrics and Gynecology Congress

Cuba to hold Obstetrics and Gynecology Congress

The 18th Congress of the Cuban Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology will be held from May 8th to the 12th in Havana, where delegates will be discussing diagnostic methods and sexual and reproductive health.»

Over 150 young leaders from the United States will travel to Cuba in solidarity

On April 24, 2023, over 150 young leaders from social movements and organizations in the United States will travel to Cuba to exchange with labor unions, grassroots activists, artists, and youth organizations, and take part in Cuba’s May Day celebrations. This delegation is the largest group of young leaders to travel to Cuba in decades. It will forge people-to-people relations on the island which for over six decades has faced the impact of a blockade by the United States government.»

Cuba maintains low COVID-19 trend

Cuba's Ministry of Public Health reports that the Caribbean country currently maintains a downward trend of COVID-19 cases. But, at the same time, it urged people not to be overly confident and comply with the established health measures»

Reflections on Cuba’s Reality


The enemy campaigns carried out on social media by mercenaries of Cuban origin living in Florida and by media operations of traditional bourgeois media must be confronted without hesitation»