Fidel Castro’s 90 Birthday Celebrated around the World

  cuba, fidel castro's birthdayA large number of congratulatory messages were sent from various regions of the world to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on his birthday anniversary

Several leaders and personalities sent him their good wishes and highlighted his leadership and the values of their anti-imperialist and solidarity ideal with a political determination that goes beyond ideology and seeks human dignity.

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From France to China, to Africa and most of the nations in the Western Hemisphere, heads of state, personalities, social organizations and persons have wished Fidel Castro a happy 90th birthday.

Some leaders like Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, now visiting Havana, have wanted to deliver personally their congratulations to Fidel.

Salvadorean president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, congratulated Fidel Castro on his 90th anniversary, during a ceremony organized by the Cuban embassy and the office of Prensa Latina in El Salvador, praised the example set by the Cuban leader in the struggle of peoples of Latin America and the world in favor of social justice.

Mexican Antonio del Conde, El Cuate, a key figure for Fidel Castro and his comrades on board the Granma yacht, who made it possible for them to arrive in Cuba, congratulated today Fidel on his 90th birthday. The main newspapers, TV channels, radio and digital media in Mexico headline today the exclusiveness of celebrating the anniversary of Fidel Castro’s birth. Dailies La Jornada and Reforma head their editions today with titles like Fidel Castro turns 90 after surviving 634 attempts on his life, while Reforma highlights “The man and the legend has rewritten the history of his country and a good part of that of America.

It stresses that Fidel Castro is still valid 57 years after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, 54 years after the Missile Crisis that was almost unleashed amid the cold war and 10 years after leaving power.

In Bolivia, a popular health fair celebrated the birthday of Fidel Castro. The Minister of Health of the Andean nation, Ariana Campero, asserted she is in debt to the thoughts and life of the leader of the Cuban revolution. Campero thanked the solidarious support of Cuba to the process of transformations led by president Evo Morales since 2006 and stressed the preservation of its Independence thanks to the bigger of the Antilles.

President Evo Morales, on his part, expressed in his Twitter account his admiration for the Cuban Revolution which is, he added, mother to the Latin American revolution.

For his part, president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, said in his greetings to Fidel that he considers him “a big brother who has dedicated his life to practicing solidarity in all the corners of the world”, said Ortega in the ceremony on occasion of the 36th anniversary of the Army’s Naval Force.

Apart from the official greetings from the state and party leaders of the People’s Republic of China, former Chinese diploimats and friends of Cuba highlighted the leadership of Fidel Castro and his efforts of cooperation with China since the government of Mao Zedong.

Cuba was the first country of the western hemisphere to establish diplomatic relations with China on September 2, 1960, during a mass meeting known as the First Declaration of Havana, when Fidel asked the people present if they agreed of ending diplomatic relations with Taiwan and establishing them with China, receiving an ovation in approval to his words.

In France, the association of solidarity France-Cuba congratulated the historic leader on his 90th birthday, saying “for 56 years you have been our commander, who we follow in every trench”.

The text adds that “Fidel Castro is a lookout who watches the future and warns not only Cuba but the whole world, of the dangers threatening both in the political sense as that of the environment”.

In Angola and South Africa exhibitions and activities commemorating the 90th birthday of Fidel Castro are being inaugurated. In Luanda a photo expo of 35 images in the impressive complex where Agostinho Neto, first president is buried.

The director of the memorial complex, Ana Paula dos Santos, recalled the friendship between Angola and Cuba was forged in crucial moments for the history of this country and both brotherly peoples showed the world “the power of unity to conquer freedom and peace”.

In South Africa, the media and social organizations, extolled the programs of cooperation with Cuba and the friendship between the historic leaders of both peoples, Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela. The state TV channel SABC stressed the importance of Cuba’s cooperation in the formation of over two thousand doctors of this African country in the last two decades.

In Lebanon, the president of TV channel Al Mayadeen, Al Ghassan Ben Jeddou declared to Prensa Latina that Fidel Castro is an example for both Christianism and Islam.

He considered it his right to speak about the veteran statesman “from his heart and write (about him) with sincerity”. Ben Jeddou stressed his virtues “are values of Christianism as well as they are for Islam”, and “that we consider the Latin American intelectual we consider him an Arab leader for his positions, his achievements and the support he has always given our peoples”.

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