Venezuelan and Cuban Folk Musicians Sing to Fidel Castro

Cuban News Agency

Venezuelan folk musicians gave a concert at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater on Sunday to mark the 90th birthday of Revolution leader Fidel Castro

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At some point during the concert, the Venezuelan musicians were joined by Cuban Country music players in what became a song mixing lyrics from the poetry of Cuba Apostle Jose Marti and Venezuelan plainsman Alberto Arvelo Torrealba.

The concert also included over 40 members of the Corazon Llanero Foundation who joined celebrations for the birthday of Fidel Castro.

In statements to acn new agency, Captain Juan Escalona, former aide of Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez and foundation president said that he was happy to have implemented the idea of
President Nicolas Maduro about an international tour by his foundation, following 27 concerts in Venezuela.

There is not biggest honor than kicking off this international tour with this concert in Cuba to celebrate the 90th birthday of Fidel, said Escalona, who interpreted one of the songs that Hugo Chavez liked the most, entitled Linda Barinas in reference to his hometown.

In an article published by Cuban media on Saturday morning, Fidel Castro appreciated all the gestures of respect, the greetings and gifts he had received on his birthday.

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