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Who says the U.S. blockade does not exist?

Unblock Cuba sign

The Yankee propaganda machinery has been responsible for leading many people to believe that the so-called economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba does not exist, despite the fact that its official documents show that it is an Economic War, to prevent the satisfaction of the needs of the people, paired with a Psychological War to make the people resent the government and blame it for their hardships.»

Russian Navy ships visit Cuba

Visitan Cuba buques de la Armada de Rusia

A detachment of Russian warships arrives at the port of Havana on Wednesday for a visit that will last until June 17th.»

Documentary film to be premiered in Cuba

The documentary film "Maisinicu, Medio Siglo Despues" (Maisinicu, Half a Century Later-2023) directed by Mitchell Lobaina will be simultaneously premiered in 155 Cuban movie theaters on Thursday, as a tribute to the 63rd anniversary of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT)»

Sancti Spíritus, Site of Legends and Realities

The fourth Cuban patrimonial village, Sancti Spíritus, is today a place of legends and realities, of renovations to celebrate this June 4 the 510th anniversary of its founding by the Spaniards. The people of Sancti Spíritus live attached to their traditions without abandoning development and modernity as a city that in the 16th century was the union of the east »

Cuba celebrates International Children’s Day

Cuba celebrates today the International Children’s Day with a broad program of activities focused on reflecting on the responsibility of the family in the integral development of children and adolescents»