Blog Archives February 2012

Eusebio Leal Lectured at Int Habano Festival

Havana Historian Eusebio Leal said on Wednesday that the production, trade, and traditions of tobacco are part of the Cuban cultural heritage and a national legacy that remains in the preference of millions of people around the world.»

French Opera Musicians to Perform in Cuba

A selection of musicians from the Rouen Opera Orchestra, France, will give a concert in Cuba on March 2 and 3, as part of cultural exchange between the European country and Cuba.»

Lourdes Gourriel Back Home in Sancti Spiritus

Outstanding former baseball player Lourdes Gourriel returned to his home in Sancti Spiritus after a long hospitalization in Havana due to a cardiac disorder. He said he was glad to be back and promised to stick to the prescribed medical treatment.»

Cuba’s Highest Cave Found in Sancti Spiritus

Speleology experts from Sancti Spiritus recently found what is considered the highest karst cavity in the island. The 1029m-over-sea-level cave was found in the Guamuhaya mountain chain was named Furnia de los Perros.»

Geneva: Cuba Concerned about Situation in Syria

Cuba warned on Tuesday that a civil war in Syria, or an intervention of foreign forces, can impose serious consequences for all mankind and in particular, for the convulsive region of the Middle East.»

Reconstruction of Sancti Spiritus Theater in Final Stages

The capital reconstruction of Sancti Spiritus Teatro Principal (Principal Theater), symbol of the Cuban central city, has entered the final stages while approximating the 70% of its total execution with a plausible result in the already finished areas.»