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Escribanía Dollz: The Movie

Stories of love and defiance are the backbone of a film script which might give birth to the first fiction movie inspired by Escribanía Dollz.»

Sancti Spiritus Media to Perfect their Role in the Web

The need to improve the media web platforms in order to obtain a better position of the journalist works in the cyberspace was highlighted today at the opening of the Digital Journalism Meeting, taking place during Wednesday and Thursday in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus, as part of the celebrations for the National Media Day. The initial lecture »

Experts Authenticate Fernandez Morera’s Portraits (+photos)

“There is no doubt, the drawings are Fernandez Morera’s”, said Sancti Spiritus plastic art expert, Paula Betancourt Leon, after analyzing the pictures found by Carlos Alberto Puga hidden behind two framed paintings in his home living room. The portraits of a mature man, and a nearly-40-year-old lady were discovered by chance, while restoration works were being carried out around the »

Trinidad: Local Artists to Honor Half-Millennium Celebration (+photos)

Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus

Authentic Trinidad: a gift from heaven is the name of the gala to be held this Saturday night at the local Plaza Mayor, to commemorate the half-millennium anniversary of the third village founded in Cuba. The show will be attended by relevant cultural and political personalities. The five-bloc two-hour-long event was organized with the participation of musicians, dancers, and art »

Preamble to Half-Millennium Celebration

With more clarification on the foundation issue than on the order it got among the first villages founded in Cuba, Sancti Spiritus will welcome its 499th anniversary next June 4th .»