Trinidad: Local Artists to Honor Half-Millennium Celebration (+photos)

Gisselle Morales

Trinidad, Sancti SpiritusAuthentic Trinidad: a gift from heaven is the name of the gala to be held this Saturday night at the local Plaza Mayor, to commemorate the half-millennium anniversary of the third village founded in Cuba. The show will be attended by relevant cultural and political personalities.

The five-bloc two-hour-long event was organized with the participation of musicians, dancers, and art instructors from Trinidad and other territories of the island. Their performance will show the main milestones of local culture, starting from  its aboriginal roots, up to the present.

According to the gala artistic director José Enrique Tamayo Ortiz, the presentation was thought about over a year ago, when leaders, artists and promoters of Trinidad decided to honor the village with a gala which would illustrate the best and most genuine art from the region.

Within the framework of the 500th anniversary celebrations, the XLI Week of Culture will be held next Monday through Saturday in Trinidad, when residents of the village will have the chance to enjoy performances by local and national artists.

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