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Literary Opening for Summertime in Sancti Spiritus

Residents from the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus will witness the inauguration of the summer season this July 6th, with the celebration of the Night of the Books, an initiative of growing preference in this respect.»

Crossed Voices Forum in Sancti Spiritus

This is the tenth occasion on which this meeting, which is traditionally sponsored by the Saiz Brothers Association (AHS, in Spanish), is hosted in this central Cuban province.»

International Book Fair in Sancti Spiritus Opens to Caribbean

The most important and expected cultural event held in Cuba every year, the International Book Fair, is underway in the central province of Sancti Spiritus. The 21st edition is dedicated to Zoila Lapique, Ambrosio Fornet and the cultures of the Caribbean.»

Fallen Plane Arrived in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

After intense working hours, which included changing the damaged engine, and improvising a rustic track, right in the middle of the Escambray Mountains, the fallen plane got to fly again and returned to Sancti Spiritus.»

Fallen Plane Might Fly Back to Sancti Spiritus Friday

Depending on the results of preliminary tests, the AN-2CX light aircraft that fell on the Escambray mountains due to an engine failure, might be able to take off this Friday. The plane fell on a completely-surrounded-by-hills area, but the pilot was skilful enough to get it landed over the only piece of plain ground.»