Fidel Castro Will Live Beyond His Death


The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution is gone, but his legacy will remain forever in present and future generations of Cubans

Cuban President Ratifies Continuity of Fidel Castro’s Ideas

Caravan of Liberty with Ashes of Fidel Starts Travel to Santiago de Cuba (+photos)

Alexis Tsipras: Fidel Castro Inspires People Worldwide

Dominica PM Proud of Having Fidel Castro as Friend and Mentor

Jacob Zuma: Fidel Castro Has Fought a Good Battle

Rafael Correa Extols Fidel Castro’s Loyalty to Revolutionary Cause

Mass Gathering in Havana to Pay Homage to Fidel Castro

Tribute Song: Cabalgando con Fidel (Riding with Fidel)

Top Cuban Leaders Honored Commander in Chief Fidel Castro

Workers of Escambray Pay Last Tribute to Fidel Castro

Colombian ELN Peace Negotiators Honor Fidel in Ecuador

Escambray Staff Homage the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro

US Officials Sign Book of Condolence for Fidel Castro

College of Journalists of Chile Extols Fidel Castro’s Figure

Posthumous Homage to Fidel Castro in Sancti Spiritus (photo gallery)

Tribute of Sancti Spíritus to the Memory of Fidel (+photos)

Dr. Alvarez Cambras Expresses His Sorrow on the Death of Fidel Castro

Cuba: Council of Churches Confident in Transcendence of Fidel Castro’s Legacy

Piedad Cordoba Said Fidel Was A Key Ally for Peace in Colombia

Cubans Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro Across the Island 

How Will Residents of Sancti Spiritus Bid Farewell to Fidel Castro?

What Elian Gonzalez Said about Fidel

Bolivia Decrees National Mourning for the Death of Fidel Castro

Daughter of Salvador Allende Remembers Fidel Castro with Affection

French Newspaper L’Humanité Dedicates Special Edition to Fidel Castro

Ramonet: Fidel was the Defender of Latin American Dignity

Mexico Communist Party’s March and Vigil in Homage to Fidel

Fidel the Last Great Leader of the 20th Century, Says Frei Betto

Fidel Castro, Symbol of Brotherhood in Viet Nam

Diego Armando Maradona Feels Sorry about Fidel Castro’s Death

Black Lives Matter Mourns Fidel by Adopting His Vision

The Man the Makes Cuba Feel Hurt

Death of Fidel Castro Impacts Worldwide

Nicolas Maduro Sends Condolence Message for Death of Fidel Castro

Cuban Youth Take to the Streets to Say: “I am Fidel” (+Photos)

Council of State Declares Period of National Mourning

Eternal Fidel

Raul Castro Notifies Death of the Historic Leader of the Revolution

Cuban Revolution Leader Fidel Castro Passes Away

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