Sancti Spíritus

New Book on Fidel Castro by Sancti Spiritus Writer

The book entitled Un ave fenix llamado Fidel (Fidel: The Phoenix) by Sancti Spiritus writer Andres Castillo Bernal was presented on Wednesday in the Provincial Museum in the Cuban central city. The volume deals with the military and political ideas of the Commander in Chief. According to Andres Castillo, the …»

Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Chooses 2011 Best Athletes

In individual sports the selected athletes were Yumari Gonzalez (cycling) and Serguey Torres (canoeing). Yumari was silver-medalled in Guadalajara Pan American Games and in the ALBA Games.  She finished 6th in the World Cup.»

Sancti Spiritus Honey Contributes to Exportation

With nearly 3700 tons of honey processed until December, Sancti Spiritus plant, in central Cuba, meets the annual plan set for 2011. The product destined mainly to exports grew in 840 tons when compared to the previous year.»

Bank Credits to Dynamize Cuban Economy

December 20th marks the beginning of the bank credits launching in Sancti Spiritus, and in the rest of Cuba. The opening to the new banking service aims at self-employed workers and land tenants as a means of boosting private businesses and dynamizing the territory’s economy.»

Health Services Reorganized in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Since the beginning of the year, when the process of reorganizing began in Sancti Spiritus, more than 800 health services have been given order to in the Cuban central province. Thus, medical care has reached communities in a more appropriate way.»

Eolian Energy Screened in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

In a conference on the current situation of eolian energy in Cuba, Engineer Fernando Medinilla said there are some barriers for its development, including the high total cost, especially in the beginning, the environmental impacts and the planning of electrical systems.»

Cuba: Branch Line to Sancti Spiritus Reopened

After two months of work on an urban segment of the capital Sancti  Spiritus,  the movement of trains along the branch that links the Central Railroad with the city of Sancti Spiritus and the coastal area of Tunas de Zaza, south of the province, has been restored.»

Cuba: All Set in Sancti Spiritus for Tourism High Season

Tourist facilities in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, prepare for the high season, to reach its climax from December to the end of March. The main source markets in the province are Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Visitors’ arrivals represent an increase of 11, 5% when compared to the …»