Sancti Spiritus Dayaris Mestre to London 2012 Olympic Games

Elsa Ramos

The long-cherished dream has just come true. Cuban athlete Dayaris Mestre will be in London, thus, becoming the first female judo competitor from Sancti Spiritus province that has ever participated in Olympic Games.

By winning the 48kg title in the recently ended Montreal’s Pan American Judo Championship that also worked as Pre-Olympics tourney; the Cuban athlete got her seat to London 2012.

Mestre won three combats in a clean way: vs. Canadian Isabel Latulipe by yuko, vs. Colombian Luz Alvarez by waza-ari and vs. renowned Brazilian Sarah Menezez by yuko in the title’s fight.

However, Sancti Spiritus judo competitor had remained among the qualifying limits requested by the International Federation by being placed 14th in the world ranking, position that granted her the right to be in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Silver medalled in Guadalajara Pan American Games, the recently obtained title is the most important result so far for this young athlete.

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