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People Granted Protection in Sancti Spiritus Due to Persistent Rain

People from low areas were evacuated in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, due to the continuous rainfall reported during the last few days

Drought Allows Archaeological Finding at Zaza Dam (+photos)

New archaeological finding confirms the presence in Sancti Spiritus of aboriginal agriculture-ceramist groups from the 16th century

Neisa, Ascunce and Fidel: From Darkness into Light

Neisa Fernández Rojas is the only Cuban who owns a diploma for having been taught to read and write by Manuel Ascunce Domenech

Fidel Castro Comes in Sancti Spiritus Like on January 6th, 1959

You have just arrived in Sancti Spíritus, where you are acclaimed by an excited crowd on either side of the road. It is not early morning, but you have been awaited since before dawn

The Village of the Holy Spirit Celebrates 502 Anniversary

The Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus, also known as the Village of the Holy Spirit, readies to celebrate the 502nd anniversary of its foundation next June 4 with different activities

Cuba Holds 7th Party Congress

  The Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, considered a significant event for the country, starts today in Havana’s Convention Center with the participation of representatives from all provinces of the island, including the 47 delegates and three permanent guests elected in Sancti Spiritus. Prior to their departure for Havana this Thursday morning […]

Fantasy Nannies (+photos)

Children who attend daycares will always have memories of their  nannies, the same way those nannies will always remember each of the kinds they helped to raise

“Despite Being Dead, the Transtur Driver Saved Our Lives”, Said the Tour Guide

Ramon Dominguez Rodriguez, the tour guide traveling on the Transtur bus involved in a traffic accident last April 2nd in Jatibonico, Sancti Spiritus, tells Escambray about the event which he describes as a scene from a movie

Austrian Ambassador in Cuba Grateful for Attention to Injured Tourists

Austrian Ambassador in Cuba, Gerlinde Paschinger, acknowledged the support and attention received by the Austrian tourists injured in a traffic accident last April 2, in Jatibonico, Sancti Spiritus. During a visit paid to the Camilo Cienfuegos University Hospital, the ambassador learned about the condition of each of the patients, and talked with some of them. […]

16 People Injured in Jatibonico Traffic Accident Discharged from Hospital (+photos)

Sixteen of the twenty-eight patients admitted in Sancti Spiritus Camilo Cienfuegos University Hospital after the traffic accident that took place this Saturday in the local municipality of Jatibonico in which a tourist bus and a truck were involved, were discharged this Sunday afternoon. According to sources from the Ministry of Interior, the tourists will be […]

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