Solidarity Helps Ease Transportation Problems in Sancti Spíritus

There is general understanding in this territory regarding the transportation of passengers

Delia Proenza

A traffic inspector waves at a car in order to make it stop
The presence of inspectors is of great importance in the transportation of passengers.
(Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

After the call made by the top leadership of the country last September 11, there is greater cooperation on the part of drivers in Sancti Spiritus concerning the transportation of passengers.

José Lorenzo García, director of the transport sector in this province, told Escambray that most of the state cars’ drivers are cooperating but there are still few who don’t. “We are open to receive complaints from the people in this respect, and ready to act accordingly”, he added.

The presence of inspectors from the Provincial Transportation Office and the State Traffic Unit has been very important, as well as the contribution of police officers who ensure the fulfillment of what was indicated.

New areas of the city of Sancti Spiritus have been provided with inspectors who will be taking care of the transportation of passengers as long as the current situation lasts.

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