Sancti Spiritus Earmarks Over 6 Million Pesos for Social Security in December

In Sancti Spiritus, the budget for social security has been increased in accordance with decisions adopted by the government in the country

En Cuba se reportan altos indices de envejecimiento poblacional.
(Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

More than six million pesos were budgeted in the Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus to finance the social assistance program this December in line with the increase approved for such benefit as part of the so-called Ordering Task.

The information was offered to Escambray by Anabel Jardón Valdivia, from the Provincial Labor Office, who said that the social assistance benefit has always been meant for the most vulnerable people, that is, those families lacking financial solvency to pay for basic expenses.

According to the official, in 2019, Sancti Spiritus invested more than 16 million pesos in social assistance and until the end of November this year another 15 million had already been disbursed, to which the December amount was  added.

Jardón Valdivia also recalled that this kind of benefit is not for life, but temporary, so it can be modified and even interrupted.

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