Cuba President in Sancti Spiritus: “This Has Been a Contributive Visit for Us”

Delia Proenza

DC last day in SS
The Cuban President said that they have been updated with the needs and concerns of the population. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

Along with the governmental delegation that for two days inspected the province, the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, highlighted potentialities and delineated strategies to unlock numerous problems in the territory

“This was not a supervision and follow up visit, but one to identify problems, eliminate obstacles and bureaucracies and be more efficient”, he said when doing the closing meeting after spending two days in this central Cuban territory. “The visit has allowed us to appreciate a group of problems and widen perspectives to solve and improve the work”, he added.

After listening to the considerations made by the ministers, two vice-presidents and several deputy ministers who explored different areas of economic and social development, including exchanges with citizens, Díaz-Canel defined directions in terms of which efforts should be moved forward.

Among them he mentioned the solution to some needs in the Agro-Industrial Grain Company Sur del Jíbaro, in the local municipality of La Sierpe, described by him as a model of what a socialist state company of these times should be in order to enhance its productive possibilities. He also referred to the José Martí Primary School, in the district of La Ferrolana of the same municipality, as an example to be followed by other educational centers in terms of many of the parameters taken into consideration.

“We have to defend Trinidad and its charm”, said the President when commenting on the visit paid to that southern village where he was received, he said, by an affectionate and communicative population. Concerning this municipality, he indicated the creation of a specific government fund for the development of educational and health institutions, taking into consideration that the progress so far achieved in the tourism and patrimonial areas is supported by financial allocations that have been very well managed.

The Cuban President said that they had been informed about the needs and concerns of the population. In the case of Trinidad, in addition to the aforementioned issues, people are unsatisfied with water supply, the condition of roads, food production and garbage collection. All that, he said, will be properly analyzed to find a better solution. However, in this closing meeting it was learned that the first indications on each of the problem have already been given.

Diaz-Canel also made reference to other issues such as the deficient water supply in the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial General Hospital and the need for a kitchen-dining room there, the conditions of the roads and aqueducts in the territories of Cabaiguán and Jatibonico, and the poor quality of the bread produced in the province, among other topics.

Eliminating obstacles and bureaucracy when dealing with people’s demands; seeking more transparency and participation in government activity; addressing the demands of the people in a systematic way; strengthening economic management structures and teams; and maintaining the ethical battle against corruption and illegalities were among the special recommendations made by the Cuban President.

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