Anticipation and Solidarity Lessened Impact of Tropical Storm in Sancti Spiritus (+photos)

Fortunately, no major damages or loss of human lives were reported across Sancti Spiritus after the passage of the Tropical Storm Laura

evacuation of people in tunas de zaza, sancti spiritus, cuba
Nearly 3 800 residents in risky areas were evacuated. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).
provincial defense council of sancti spiritus, cuba
Deivy Pérez Martín highlighted the work of all entities and their workers to mitigate the effects of Laura. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

“Thanks to the discipline, organization and responsibility demonstrated during the brief passage of Tropical Storm Laura through Sancti Spiritus, we do not have to regret today greater economic damages or loss of human life”, said Deivy Pérez Martín, president of the Provincial Defense Council, during the most recent analysis of the effects of the weather event and the actions undertaken to compensate them.

During the meeting it was known that electricity service had already been restored to 99.3 percent of the 19,871 affected customers. Pending interruptions are mostly concentrated in mountainous areas of Topes de Collantes, in the municipality of Trinidad.

recovery after tropical storm laure in sancti spiritus, cuba
Electricity services was severely damaged in Topes de Collantes.
(Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

There were also reports of damage to 24 water pumping stations as a result of the lack of electricity, a situation already resolved on Wednesday afternoon except in an area of Topes de Collantes. The reservoirs did not receive the expected volumes of water and continue to be 40 percent full.

Although this time the usual massive evacuation of people from areas at risk of flooding did not take place, about 3 800 residents in such areas were protected, mostly in the homes of families and neighbors.

Regarding the housing fund, it was known that a high number of homes were affected in the towns of Tunas de Zaza, San Pedro, El Pedrero and also in Topes de Collantes. According to Néstor Borroto González, provincial director of Housing, the resource needs in this regard will be reported to the Ministry of Economy and Planning to mitigate the effects as soon as possible.

evacuation of people in tunas de zaza, sancti spiritus, cuba
Nearly 3 800 residents in risky areas were evacuated. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

In the agricultural sector, losses were mainly concentrated in coffee and to a lesser extent in crops such as yucca and banana.

According to the reports of the directors of the corresponding entities, work is being done to mitigate the effects of Laura on telecommunication services, tourist facilities, the food industry and two sports center. The recovery of two of the eight damaged schools has also been reported, while the remaining ones, do not compromise the restart of the school year next September 1.

Before closing the meeting, Deivy Pérez Martín highlighted the work so far carried in the territory to mitigate the impact of the tropical storm, and made a call to solve the remaining problems as soon as posible.

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