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Archivos de Escambray del April, 2013.

Russia Stresses Significance of Fidel Castro’s First Visit

Fidel’s first visit to the Soviet Union was recalled by Russian Deputy FM.

Youth Forum in Solidarity with Cuban 5 Concludes

The 4th International Youth Meeting in Solidarity with the Five concludes today.

Sancti Spiritus to Parade for Cuba on May 1st

The moment is approaching, everything is ready for Wednesday 8:00 am, when Sancti Spiritus’s parade on May 1st will initiate towards the Serafin Sanchez Valdivia Revolution Square to celebrate the International Workers Day.

Sancti Spiritus Effective in Implantation of Intraocular Lens

Nearly eight thousand people have undergone this ophthalmological technique since  its implementation began in the  Camilo Cienfuegos General Hospital, of  Sancti Spiritus city, in November 2002.

Cuba: Delegates from 73 Countries will Attend May Day Celebrations

Over 2 thousand unionists, leaders of social organizations and solidarity movements from 73 countries of the world have confirmed attendance of May Day celebrations in Havana.

Cuba: Youths Continue the Fight for the Five

Youths of the World open Havana Forum in Solidarity with the Cuban Five

Raul Castro Bids Farewell to His Venezuelan Peer Nicolas Maduro

Cuban President Raul Castro bid farewell in this capital his Venezuelan peer Nicolas Maduro, who carried out an official visit to the Caribbean island.

Venezuelan TV Host Releases Photos of Fidel Castro (+photos)

Fidel Castro and Venezuelan TV host Miguel Angel Perez Pirela met in Havana.

Cuba and Venezuela Sign 51 Cooperation Projects (+photos)

Maduro affirmed that the 51 projects that were approved in the 13th Meeting of the commission formed by Cuba and Venezuela’s governments, ratified that both countries walk on Chavez’s path.

Venezuela President Arrives in Cuba

Nicolas Maduro Moro, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, arrived in Cuba this Friday, April 26th, on official visit.

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