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Cuba’s Fourth Village Celebrated Foundation Anniversary (+photos)

Adriana and Rosa Aurora handed over two guayabera shirts from their husbands, both of which will be part of the collection to be exhibited, from today on, in the Casa de la Guayabera (House of the Guayabera), opened this Monday at the former Quinta Santa Elena restaurant.»

Cuban State Protects People with Chronic Diseases

The Cuban state provides with free or subsidized products and additional food more than 5 100 residents in Sancti Spiritus province with chronic diseases, low weight and size and other pathologies.»

New Hotel to be Built in Trinidad, southern Cuba

The construction of the Pansea hotel in Trinidad tourist destination will begin in the coming days as part of a long-term program aimed at enhancing the hotel industry of that Cultural Heritage Site.»

Sancti Spiritus Readies for Upcoming Population Census

Preparatory works continue in Sancti Spiritus prior to the upcoming Population and Housing Census to take place in September, this year. Street plans and cartographic maps are being completed before the check of the houses’ numeration.»

The Rescue of Sancti Spiritus Paseo

The most important path in the Cuban central city of Sancti Spiritus is subjected to a rehabilitation process that includes the paving of one of its stretches.»

Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Increases Production of Aggregates

More than 8 000 cubic meters of aggregates have been processed during the first two months of the year in the Algaba Quarry in Trinidad, southern  Sancti Spiritus, which reports an increase in the production capacity of the plant.»

Cuban Gov. Takes on Construction of Dwellings in Sancti Spiritus

The execution of new properties, both by the state and by “own or individual effort”, as well as the improvement of the housing stock in the territory, are the main objectives of Sancti Spiritus Housing System in 2012, with figures quite similar to those of the previous year.»

Bank Credits at Good Pace in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

The implementation of the recent governmental decree and complementary resolutions of the Central Bank of Cuba concerning the granting of credits, proceeds at a good pace in Sancti Spiritus. Over 3 000 persons have so far applied for credits, most of them fo construction works.»