Sancti Spiritus Readies for Upcoming Population Census

Carmen Rodriguez

Preparatory works continue in Sancti Spiritus prior to the upcoming Population and Housing Census to take place in September, this year. Street plans and cartographic maps are being completed before the check of the houses’ numeration.

According to local sources, the so-called pre-census stage has been already started in the territory. Eighty five census areas have been determined, along with 759 districts (includes several blocks with 200 to 300 houses) and 2 424 segments (the smallest area to be checked which covers some 80 homes).

Nearly 4 500 people will take part in the population census activities in this central Cuban province.

Population census is considered an indispensable study that helps determine the development of a country, which mostly takes place in a 10 year time. They also constitute the main statistical investigation to be taken into consideration when working new socio-economic policies.

Seventeen censuses have been carried out in Cuba since 1774. This year’s population count is the fourth after the triumph of the Revolution. The three previous ones were conducted in 1970, 1981 and 2002, respectively.

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