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Good Friday Decreed Exceptional Holiday in Cuba

The Cuban government agreed to adjourn the work activities on Holy Week Friday, in consideration of Pope Benedict XVI, who made that request to President Raul Castro during his recent visit to the island.»

Raul CastroWelcomes WHO’s Director General

Cuban President Raul Castro met this Friday, March 30th with the Director-General of the World Heath Organization (WHO) Dr. Margaret Chan, who’s currently visiting the island.»

Women in Sancti Spiritus Handed Over Lands in Usufruct

The female labor force in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, represents more than the 20 percent of the total membership of the Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CPA) and more than 15 percent of those are inserted in the Credit and Service Cooperatives (CCS).»

Rene Gonzalez Arrives in Cuba

Rene Gonzalez,  one of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in U.S. prisons for more than 13 years, arrived at noon in Havana, Cuba, as reported by the national television.»

Fidel’s Reflections: The Need to Enrich our Knowledge

The filmed scenes of the massacre in Libya, starting to be seen, offend for their total absence of humanism and the crass lies that served as an excuse for invading and taking over the natural resources of that country.»

WHO Director Meets with Cuban Foreign Minister

The General Director of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, and the director of the Pan American Health Organization, Mirta Roses, will meet with the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez.»

Website on Cuban Five Announced in South Africa

A South African solidarity with Cuba group on Thursday announced the creation of a website dedicated to the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly sentenced to long prison terms in the United States since 1998. Sunny Singh, responsible for the initiative, stated that the website will increase and update the information about the legal process against the Cuban Five.»