Hotel recreates Colonial Architecture of Cuba’s third Villa

Colorful stained-glass windows, balustrades, red-tiled roofs, cobblestone streets, a square and a bell tower recreate today at the Memories Trinidad del Mar Hotel the colonial architecture of Cuba’s third largest city.

Raul Garcia Baltasar, general director of the tourist facility located on the Ancon Peninsula, in the central-southern city of Trinidad, talks about the architectural elements that adorn the facility, whose exteriors stand out for their yellow color.
Without forgetting to mention the work carried out by the hotel for the preservation of the environment, he points out the bicycles available for guests to practice trekking.
Nor does he miss the opportunity to highlight the fountain at the entrance, where a dozen jicoteas inhabit, attracting the attention of young and old, as a way to cultivate interest in the care of nature.

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