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Yayabo with its Unparalleled Rhythm

Sancti Spíritus

Priority one is health. Work is underway to resume surgery services at the José Martí Pérez Provincial Pediatric Teaching Hospital, where construction forces are extending the working day, with a view to concluding the remodeling of the civil work before July 26.»

Who says the U.S. blockade does not exist?

Unblock Cuba sign

The Yankee propaganda machinery has been responsible for leading many people to believe that the so-called economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba does not exist, despite the fact that its official documents show that it is an Economic War, to prevent the satisfaction of the needs of the people, paired with a Psychological War to make the people resent the government and blame it for their hardships.»

Cuba chosen as the best cultural destination in the Caribbean in 2024

Cuba has once again been selected as the best cultural destination in the Caribbean in 2024, according to the World Travel Awards, considered today as the Oscars of tourism in the world, the Ministry of Tourism of the largest of the Antilles informed on the social network X.»

A Month Away to Paris-2024, Cuba Inspires

A month away before the flame of the XXXIII Olympic Games is lit, in Paris, the city that on the 26th will become the second city, after London, to host the great event of world sport three times. There, Cuba has not given up on remaining among the top 20 nations.»