Deputies to the Cuban Parliament take their positions oath of office

The deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba (ANPP) were sworn in today on the constitutive day of the 10th Legislature.

Sportswoman Yarileidis Cirilo, the youngest legislator in the unicameral Parliament, read out the oath, in which they declared their loyalty to the Homeland and to enforce the Constitution of the Republic.

In a loud voice and with their signature on a document, the deputies endorsed the commitment they made to the people for their representation in the next five years.

Previously, the president of the National Electoral Council, Alina Balseiro, declared that with the presence of 462 deputies, 98 percent of attendance, there was sufficient quorum to constitute the X Legislature of the ANPP.

Balseiro also explained the composition of the group of legislators, among which 55.74 percent were women, a strong representation of grassroots and youth delegates, as well as a diversity of social sectors stands out.

The constitutive day of the Parliament includes, among other items, the election of the president, vice-president, secretary and other members of the Council of State.

Likewise, the voting for the positions of President and Vice-President of the Republic; and the appointment, at the proposal of the President of the country, of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Ministers, the Secretary and other members of the Council of Ministers.

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