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Cuban medical collaboration in Mexico is praised

Dr. Alfredo González, in Mexico, described as a gigantic work of love, brotherhood, and solidarity the international medical collaboration that Cuba has been practicing for more than 60 years.»

Cuba loses a great friend, Harry Belafonte

fter the death of renowned US actor and musician Harry Belafonte on Tuesday at the age of 96, Cuba lost a great friend, who was always willing to save the friendship between the two countries' peoples.»

Colombian President Petro to Chair Summit on Venezuela

On Tuesday, Colombian President Gustavo Petro will meet with representatives of some 20 countries in a conference aimed at contributing to the resumption of dialogue between the Venezuelan government and its political opposition.»

Cuba to hold Obstetrics and Gynecology Congress

Cuba to hold Obstetrics and Gynecology Congress

The 18th Congress of the Cuban Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology will be held from May 8th to the 12th in Havana, where delegates will be discussing diagnostic methods and sexual and reproductive health.»

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s president to visit Cuba

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s president to visit Cuba

Željka Cvijanović, President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will arrive in Cuba on Monday for an official visit. It will be the first visit of the president of that country to Cuba since diplomatic relations were established.»

Cuban Women Enduring

As the ropes of deficiencies and shortages are tightened even more now, Cuban women today reinvent their skill to be resilient, creative, and rebellious.»