Bosnia and Herzegovina’s president to visit Cuba

Željka Cvijanović, President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will arrive in Cuba on Monday for an official visit. It will be the first visit of the president of that country to Cuba since diplomatic relations were established.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s president to visit Cuba
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s president to visit Cuba

During her stay here, Cvijanović will meet with Cuban authorities and carry out other activities of interest.

Havana and Sarajevo established diplomatic relations on April 29, 1997, when Cuba became the first Latin American nation to start relations with that country.

According to authorities, those relations are positive, with a climate of mutual respect, sympathy, and friendship, due to the historical ties of the Bosnian people with Cuba since the times of the former Yugoslavia.

Cuba and Bosnia have the will to increase economic-commercial exchanges and cooperation, taking advantage of the existing potential between both countries in health and medical services, agriculture, tourism, higher education, and biotechnology.

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