Cuban medical collaboration in Mexico is praised

Dr. Alfredo González, in Mexico, described as a gigantic work of love, brotherhood, and solidarity the international medical collaboration that Cuba has been practicing for more than 60 years.

Gonzalez, who heads the contingent of Cuban doctors deployed in hard-to-reach places in 12 states of the sister nation, appeared on the panel that dealt with the subject at the 27th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba of the Mexican Movement, with the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Ramon Labañino, guest of honor.

The doctor explained that this internationalist spirit is long-standing, as illustrated by the cases of doctors Antonio Lorenzo Luaces and Manuel García, who in the second half of the 19th century were already volunteering for wars in the United States and Europe.

Although this habit was lost in neocolonial Cuba, when the Revolution triumphed, it was immediately taken up again and began to provide help even with the massive exodus of doctors encouraged by Washington, which left the country with less than 3,500 doctors.

Gonzalez recalled the epic feats in Chile in 1960 with an earthquake, Algeria, Peru, and many others until creating the ‘Henry Reeve’ brigade, and accumulating in 165 countries impressive figures of services rendered by 605,698 collaborators.

The head of the contingent closed his speech with a detailed report of all the work done by his compatriots in the numerous medical specialties, which shows that they came to work side by side with their Mexican peers, and are willing to make any sacrifice for the sake of health.

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