Cuba Celebrates the Day of Protected Areas

Cuba celebrates this twelfth of April, the “Day of Protected Areas” with significant advances in the development and consolidation of instruments for the conservation of these spaces, which are home to a great biological diversity.

Sierra Las Damas forest, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Data from the Planning Department of the National Center for Protected Areas indicates that the island has 215 protected areas, such as the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, which is also considered a World Natural Heritage Site.

These areas occupy 21,26% of the country’s surface, including the so-called marine insular platform, with eight management categories: natural reserve, national park, ecological reserve, outstanding natural element, fauna refuge, managed flora reserve, protected natural landscape and protected area of managed resources.

Conceived with the purpose of favoring the conservation and sustainability use of biodiversity and forest heritage they show a high representation of Cuban fauna and flora, reaching endemism levels of more than 95 and 85%, respectively.

Cuba has six biosphere reserves: Guanahacabibes, Sierra del Rosario, Ciénaga de Zapata, Buenavista, Baconao and Cuchillas del Toa, internationally recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco).

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