Sancti Spíritus: More Products in Foreign Market

Market strategies were analyzed in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, in order to improve local exports

Tobacco is among the items linked to foreign trade. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).
A male worker of processes tobacco leaves
Tobacco leaves are among the items linked to foreign trade in Sancti Spiritus.
(Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

So far this year, the province of Sancti Spiritus, in central Cuba, has conducted exports valued at more than 323 million pesos, thus exceeding the predictions on a significant area for the country’s economy.

According to the most recent report presented to the Provincial Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) in this territory, in recent years companies linked to foreign trade have increased their efficiency parameters, with sugar and tobacco being the most represented exportable items.

Unlike previous years, the province already has an exportable offer of recognized quality that includes 84 products, among which the food, sugar and agricultural lines stand out.

Despite the progress made, a few weaknesses were analyzed in the meeting mostly related with the need to improve quality standards, to make the most of technology, and to better the presence of containers and packaging.

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