June 25, 2021

Cuba Seeks to Boost Economy with National Exports

Cuba Chamber of Commerce holds event for the promotion of exportable products and services

A female worker organizes minidose packages of honey for commercialization
A female worker organizes minidose packages of honey for commercialization
Honey is one of the exportable products of the Caribbean island. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, is celebrating from October 27 to November 3, an event for promoting exportable products and services of Cuban companies, aiming to attract partners and investors to boost the development of the national economy.

According to the Chamber of Commerce’s official Twitter profile, the event includes products from sectors prioritized in Cuba’s Economic Development Plan, such as the food industry, construction, pharmaceuticals, medicine, cultural industries, and professional services.

On its opening day Tuesday, the event will be dedicated to the Caribbean region, from October 29-30 to Spain, November 2 to Russia, and November 3 to the People’s Republic of China.

On Monday, the Chamber of Commerce held an online exchange with the Network of Caribbean Chambers (CARICHAM), which also included a representation from the Center for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment (ProCuba) and BioCubaFarma.

Cuba presents a wide portfolio of foreign investment opportunities in national territory, consolidated from a favorable business environment with the approval of Law No. 118 and its complementary rules.

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