July 24, 2021

Cuban Biopharmaceuticals Present in Mexican Fair

Interferon alpha 2B, a Cuban drug used in China for coronavirus treatment, will be among the products to be exhibited in Mexico

cuban biopharmaceutical products
cuban biopharmaceutical products
Cuban biopharmaceuticals are exported to over 40 countries.

Interferon alpha 2B, the Cuban drug used in China for coronavirus treatment, will be exhibited during the “Cuba in Mexico” event to be held in that country next March 4-6.

The product is among the latest innovations the Cuban biopharmaceutical industry will introduce at this exhibition, with the aim of promoting its scientific advances and attracting investment.

Miriam Martinez, director of Fairs and Exhibitions of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, stressed the importance of participating in this event to exchange experiences and to present Cuban products unique in the world market.

In Cuba there are other drugs to treat diabetes and prevent amputations, as well as medicines to treat lung and prostate cancer, among others, she added.

Interferon is one of the 30 drugs chosen by the Chinese National Health
Commission to fight the respiratory condition and has contributed to effectively cure more than 1,500 patients with Covid-19.

In this Mexican fair, Cuba will also show products like rum, tobacco, coffee, and even agricultural, tourism and energy sector exhibits.

(Source: ACN).

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