Protection of Human Rights is a Must in Cuba

Prensa Latina News Agency

The protection of human rights in Cuba is at the center of the State’s attention, asserted the General Prosecutor of the Republic, Dario Delgado in an interview regarding World Day of Human Rights, published by Granma daily.

Many are the results of Cuba in the protection of its citizens since January 1, 1959. But of all that has been achieved, we must highlight at least three great conquests: universal access to education, potential of the public health system and citizen security, he stressed.

Delgado said the Revolution is pervaded of deep humanism and attention that each person’s rights are respected. People come first and they deserve all the justice and protection, he indicated.

The official added that the Constitution awards guarantees such as the right to work and remunerated vacations, the participation, security and social assistance, physical education, sports and healthy recreation, the right to freedom of speech according to the aims of a socialist society, as well as the right of meeting, expression and association.

Also, Delgado extolled the recognition, respect and guarantee of freedom of conscience and religion, inviolability of persons, the correspondence and house, as well as the right to complain or demand.

The General Prosecutor commented that in Cuba exists the strength that all the system is supported by the State, meaning that it is an objective and priority of it to guarantee the effective exercise of rights and guarantees by all persons.

All State institutions have the obligation to render account of their performance. In case of violations of their rights in any field, persons have the legal resources and procedures

that facilitate them to demand to administrative and judicial authorities their rights be restored, he referred.

He explained it is the General Prosecutor’s Office the State organ in charge of controlling and preserving legality, based on the surveillance of strict compliance with the Constitution, the laws and other legal regulations.

About children rights, he indicated the State makes all efforts to guarantee the complete exercise of their rights, be they under parental custody or not.

He explained in Cuba the Family Code is something privileged although it is being evaluated and reviewed once more.

”We are working in all legislative subjects that can contribute to that. But the norms in themselves do not solve problems, these have to be followed by education from home with the parents, then in schools, and after that, in all scenarios”, he said.

On the rights of persons deprived of liberty, he extolled their right to the impartial application of existing regulations, the respect to their physical integrity, the right to visits, to receive permission to visit their home, to be taken to hospitals or funeral homes in case of death of some family member, to be given food with the established caloric level.

Inmates have the right to general education with corresponding certificates of the level approved, to obtain reduction of sentence due to good behavior and advance to a higher regime and be conceded anticipated freedom are just part of a long list of guarantees.

Delgado concluded the challenge is tremendous, as it is our constitutional duty to control and to endeavor respect to legality, which is equivalent to guarantee to a full exercise of their rights by all citizens.

And that, together with the effort to make the Prosecution Office become nearer to our people.

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