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Raúl Castro Closes Plenary Session of Cuba Parliament

With a call from the Cuban President, Raúl Castro, to continue the path of sustainable development, following guidelines like productivity, efficiency, control and savings, concluded the 6th Regular Session of Parliament.»

Raul Castro Present in Plenary Session of Cuban Parliament

Army General Raul Castro, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and president of the councils of State and Ministers, attends in Havana the sixth regular session of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of the People’s Power. Also present at the meeting are Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, second secretary of the PCC and »

Cuban Parliamentarians Close Debates in Commissions

Cuban deputies are meeting today on the third and last day of debates of the Parliament permanent commissions, previously to the Parliament’s 6th Ordinary Session of the 8th Legislature. Since Saturday, the 10th parliamentary groups are debating at the Convention Center about fundamental issues involved in the Cuban society, which is immerse in an economic and social transformation.»