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Cuba Features Largest Number of Women Legislators

Cuba has considerably advanced in the issue of women emancipation and is now the third country in the world with the largest presence of women in its national parliament, Deputy Mariela Castro said in Spain.»

Cuban Film Awarded in Spanish Festival

Cuban film Conducta, by Ernesto Daranas won the awards for best film, best director and best actress for Alina Rodriguez in the Latin American section of the Malaga Film Festival.»

World Landmarks Go Dark to Support Earth Hour

Lights went off in thousands of cities and towns across the world on Saturday for the annual Earth Hour campaign, aimed at raising money via the Internet for local environmental projects.»

Cuban Parliament Passes New Foreign Investment Law

Cuban Parliament today passed a new Foreign Investment Law to allow access to foreign capital, technologies and new markets as well as insert national products and services in the international market. The legislation, approved with the unanimous vote of the Cuban deputies, also seeks to yields positive effects in the domestic industry for national economic growth. Cuba Encourages Foreign Investment »

Cuba Encourages Foreign Investment to Develop Economic Model

Cuba needs a direct foreign investment of about US$ 2.5 billion year to fund its socialist, prosperous, and sustainable socio-economic model, said Vice President of the Council of Ministers, Marino Murillo, this Saturday. Murillo made his statement at the special session of Parliament, attended by Cuban President Raul Castro, in which the draft bill on foreign investment was brought into »

Cuba Condemns Western Interference in Ukraine

Cuba condemned before the UN General Assembly the intervention of the United States and NATO in Ukrainian internal affaire, a stand described as a threat to world peace and security.»