Patiño: US Blockade of Cuba Violates UN Resolutions

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño urged to put an end to the US blockade of Cuba  and said there is an international  consensus to condemn that policy.
In his speech at the act in Santiago de Cuba city to mark the 60th anniversary of the attack to Moncada Barracks, which is attended by Cuban President Raul Castro, Patiño condemned the U.S. illegal and criminal blockade of Cuba

That blockade violates the UN resolutions. There is an international community consensus to condemn that policy, said Patiño.

The Ecuadorian Foreign minister noted that Latin American countries are currently acting in bloc when powerful nations try to carry out acts of injustice.

Patiño also recalled the importance of the attack to Moncada Barracks for the region.

That action was led by the then young lawyer Fidel Castro with the intention to overthrow Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship.

The Ecuadorian minister said that Latin America is not the backyard of the United States anymore.

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