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Venezuelan Chavez in Cuba for Upcoming Surgery

Venezuelan President travels to Havana on Friday to undergo surgery, eight months after a carcinogenic tumor was removed in Cuba. The National Assembly approved his authorization to leave the country for more than five days, as the Venezuelan Constitution establishes.»

Venezuela: New Social Programs against Poverty

More than two million Venezuelans are registered in the great missions “Sons of Venezuela” and “Venezuela in Love Major” social programs aimed at eliminating extreme poverty in this country, President Hugo Chavez said Thursday.»

Venezuelans Staged Huge Parade in Caracas

A parade for the 20th anniversary of the civil military uprising staged on February 04th 1992 began Saturday midday in Los Proceres Avenue, in Caracas, headed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the attendance of heads of state and government of the member states of the Bolivarian Alliance for the …»

Emergency Decree for 90 More Days in Venezuela

Eight people have died and more than 4000 families have been affected by heavy rainfall in Venezuela this past week, as areas near Caracas and five states of  the South American nation are the most affected. Heavy rains over the past several days have caused landslides in many areas of …»