Cuba Reports on President Chavez’s First Message after Surgery


“Here I go, taking flight like a condor,” President Hugo Chavez said in his first message to the Venezuelan people through his Twitter account, Granma newspaper reported on Thursday.

Referring to his front-page statement, the daily states that this is Chavez’s first contact with users of that social network, after undergoing a new surgery in this capital on Monday.

“Good evening, my dear fellows! Here I go, taking flight like a condor! I send all my supreme love! We shall live and overcome”, Granma quoted the Venezuelan president.

The newspaper also mentioned Chavez’ telephone conversation with Venezuelan Vice President Elias Jaua, who made reference to his content on the Venezolana de Television program “Contragolpe,” and gave testimony “of President Hugo Chavez’s strength.”  (Taken from PL).

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