Jose Luis Camellon

October, 2012

September, 2012

  • 25 September

    New Coffee Harvest in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

    In order to take advantage of the seasonal ripening of coffee beans, a new coffee harvest has been started in the lower lands of Trinidad and Fomento range of mountains, where coffee is mostly grown in Sancti Spiritus.»

August, 2012

  • 31 August

    Sancti Spiritus: Isaac Left Wet Memories Behind

    If we were to analyze tropical storm Isaac from the prevention point of view, we must say that it became sort of training exercise for local residents in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba.»

  • 27 August

    Zaza Dam Floodgates Open

    After the heavy rainfall reported in Sancti Spiritus this Sunday, the water volume at the local Zaza dam went up to 940 000 000m³. That’s why, it was decided to open four of the six floodgates at the Cayajana overflow channel.»

  • 24 August

    Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus in the Route of Isaac

    Measures have been already adopted in Sancti Spiritus due to the impending arrival of tropical storm Isaac to the island this Saturday, and its possible impact on this central Cuban territory.»

  • 14 August

    Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Rice Growers Meet Plans

    Rice growers from Sur del Jibaro Agro-Industrial Complex (CAI, in Spanish), in Sancti Spiritus, managed to recovered from the sequels of last May heavy rains, and have already met this year’s scheduled rice sowing plan.»

  • 10 August

    Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus Features Large Hydraulic Infrastructure

    If we were to determine a region in Cuba to illustrate both, the magnitude and infrastructure of the hydraulic works undertaken by the Revolution since the creation of the National Institute of Water Resources (INRH, in Spanish), we will definitely have to refer to Sancti Spiritus.»

June, 2012