Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Hold Talks in Havana

Cuban News Agency

Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Hold Talks in HavanaAfter an effusive greeting, Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill are holding private talks that should last around two hours in a hall belonging to the Havana´s Jose Marti International Airport.

After Cuban President Raul Castro received him at the tarmac of the airport, Francis entered the airport where the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, was waiting.

Pope Francis in Cuba for Historic Meeting with Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill Visits Raul at the Revolution Palace

Patriarch Kirill Praises Historical Ties between Cuba and Russia


This is the first meeting between the top figures of the Catholic and the Russian Orthodox churches, almost a thousand years after their schism, and they are expected to sign a joint document that is considered of paramount importance to world peace.

There is great expectation worldwide on these talks that could lead to peace, the defense of the family, to fight terrorism and to solve the problem of Christians being persecuted in the Middle East.

After almost 20 years of negotiations this meeting comes to fruition in Cuba.


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