Fidel Castro Congratulates Tsipras for Referendum Outcome


escambray, greece, referendum Fidel Castro, congratulated the Primer Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, for his “brilliant political victory” in the referendum.


He also wished him “the greatest of successes” in a letter published by official media.

“I warmly congratulate you for your brilliant political victory, which I followed closely in the Telesur channel,” expressed the 88-year-old leader, retired from power since 2006, in a letter read on state television.

Raul Castro Sends Congratulation Message to Tsipras

No Vote Wins Referendum by Wide Margin

Fidel Castro expressed that Greece is “very familiar” among Cubans because “it taught us philosophy, art, and ancient sciences when we were going to school, and, with them, the most complex of all human activities: The art and science of politics.”

He also pointed out that a year after the German attack to Poland on World War II, Mussolini ordered the invasion of Greece and “that brave country repelled the aggression and pushed back the invaders.”

Along Fidel Castro, his brother Raúl, current president of Cuba, also congratulated Tsipras in another letter, praising his “brave policies.”

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