Cuban President Delivers Closing Speech in Parliament Session

Cuban News Agency

Cuban President Raul Castro delivered the closing speech of the Fourth Ordinary Session of the Eight Legislature of the National Assembly of the People´s Power, where he confirmed the 4 percent growth of the GDP forecast.

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Economy Minister Marino Murillo had informed lawmakers on the projections for 2015, and Raul insisted that this will not be an easy task as Cuba continues to face the effects of the global economic crisis and the US blockade which is still standing, which create obstacles to the development of the economy.

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Raul said that in 2014 the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 1.3 percent, lower than the 2.2 planned.

On that lower result had a negative impact the poor performance of the economy in the first half of the year, because of financial constraints, defaults on foreign earnings, adverse weather conditions and inadequate management, he stressed.

Despite all this, better results were achieved in the second half, Raul said.

The Cuban president said the Economy Plan for next year will be directed, in the main, to maximize internal efficiency reserves, and concentrate resources on the revival of key sectors such as manufacturing.

Raul also said the country will also focus on the efficient use of energy carriers and higher investments in infrastructure, while social services such as health and education are preserved.

Cuba will continue to strictly honor its commitments to its creditors, thus contributing to the international credibility of the national economy, he said.

Raul added that they have been taken measures for fiscal control against indiscipline and tax evasion as impunity will be to encourage the violation of legal regulations.

He stressed the importance of creating in institutions, organizations and individuals a culture of civility tax, being the main form of taxes to redistribute national income in the interest of all citizens, he said.










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