Cuban Minister Saw Seventh Doctors Delegation Off to Brazil

Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales presented the flag to the seventh group of medical collaborators headed to work in Brazil, the press reported in Havana today. Those 1,684 professionals complete a list of 11,430 agreed to with the Brazilian government, as part of the “More Doctors for Brazil,” program. All of the specialists have worked previously as internationalists.

“You are an example of the commitment of a great army in white coats, because the vast majority of you were concluding your mission in Venezuela, yet you responded to the new call,” the minister said, as cited by Granma newspaper.

Morales urged the Cuban doctors to become one with their South American counterparts, to realize the dreams of great men such as Simon Bolivar, Jose Marti, Fidel and Raul Castro, and Hugo Chavez: the construction of a better world based on integration, solidarity and brotherhood among the peoples.

Cuba’s medical cooperation was achieved after the signing in July 2013 of an agreement between the Pan-American Health Organization and authorities from this country.

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