Popular Consultation of Labor Code Began in Cuba

Cuban workers to discuss Draft Labor Code.

More than three and a half million Cuban workers will discuss the Draft Labor Code as of this week until October.

With the popular consultation, adopted in the National Assembly of Peoples’ Power in December last year, we pretend to take account of the population criteria for the final setting up of that rule, Ulises Guilarte, president of the organizing committee of the 20th Congress of Cuban Workers Federation, said.

If approved, this new Labor Code will replace the current one, dating from 1985. It has been changed in more than half of its chapters in the last two decades.

According to the national press, the Draft Labor Code respects the fundamental principles of the right to work, included in the Constitution of the Republic, the agreements of the International Labor Organization, and the comparative study with similar legislations in 16 countries.

The essential features, in general, are in the proposed relaxation of the working week, the removal of a series of disciplinary measures and granting unpaid licenses to whom have family responsibilities.

In addition, the rule would provide that in the relations between workers and individuals authorized to be employers, the parties agree the conditions under which the work is carried out, although it has minimum requirements.

According to the schedule, the popular consultation must conclude on October 15, and the parliament will discuss the approval of the final draft of the Labor Code by late this year.

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