Maduro Describes Meeting with Fidel Castro as Historic

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro described his meeting  with the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, as historic, and stressed that his ideas are undefeated, Cubadebate website reported on Sunday.

During the meeting, which took place 60 years after the attack on the Moncada Garrison, Maduro gave Fidel Castro a painting made by late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during his days of medical treatment in Havana.  The Venezuelan leader also presented the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution with Ignacio Ramonet’s book “Mi Primera Vida” (My First Life), which contains a long interview with Chavez, the most comprehensive about his live and work, by the French intellectual.

At the meeting, Fidel Castro and Maduro evoked moments of the revolutionary struggle, particularly the Moncada attack, its historic significance and the example of Chavez.

Both leaders highlighted his colossal work to unite Latin America and
resume the construction of Simon Bolivar’s dream, “How much we all need him!” said Maduro.

During the meeting, Fidel Castro and Maduro exchanged views on the challenges being faced by the region and the world at large, such as food security, the preservation of peace and climate change.

Fidel Castro gave Maduro a letter sent to all heads of State and Government who participated in the celebrations on the 60th anniversary of  the attack on the Moncada Garrison in Havana.

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