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Fidel de Cuba, in decisive times

There is luminosity in every August 13 that can never be extinguished, not even with all the blockades in the world, because it is the date of the happy day on which the undefeated leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, was born 97 years ago.»

Why Does the Price of Foreign Exchange Rise in Cuba?

Many Cubans associate the high costs of most goods and services with the price of foreign currency. In turn, the CUP price of these currencies (Euros, USD, MLC...) rises almost daily, a phenomenon that has occurred, practically steadily, since February 2023 until today.»

WHO assures that Covid-19 is still a global threat

The World Health Organization (WHO)

Covid-19 remains a threat, so the World Health Organization (WHO) called on all countries to report cases despite the end of the health emergency, because there is a decrease in the notification of contagions.»

Cuba and Venezuela to reaffirm PSUV-PCC relations

Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC) and Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) strengthened on Tuesday relations after the signing of collaboration deals that formalize links between both organizations.»