“We will celebrate July 26th with work”

In Sancti Spiritus the impact of the news of the designation of this province as the venue of the National Act for the 71st anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks still lingers on.

Hours later, the agendas begin to adjust to the tone and rhythm of the 26th. This is what the member of the Central Committee of the Party and first secretary of the organization in Sancti Spiritus, Deivy Perez Martin, says.

“It is an encouragement and recognition to the work in such a complex year that not only measures the results of 2024, but also those of 2023 and we the people of Sancti Spiritus receive it with commitment and gratitude for the trust they have placed in us and the conviction that that enthusiasm and that industriousness that characterizes us will be present in this commemoration, in this tribute to history.”

The first secretary of the Party in the province praised the expressions of affection from all over the country “We have received many expressions of congratulations, recognition and support for the decision of the Political Bureau and we are grateful for that. It was not only the informative note of the agreement of that body. Having read the tweet made by our first secretary and president of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, the publication of the Political Bureau member and Secretary of Organization Roberto Morales Ojeda on social networks, says a lot about that appreciation that from the leadership of the country had on the work and the result of the province in such complex times, we are aware that it is the recognition to that effort and creativity of every day, but to that resistance trying to look for solutions, alternatives, to keep moving forward, to remain firm, united, always with that vigor and that unity that characterizes the people of Sancti Spiritus”.

“The statements of opinion are very positive, we have received from all the monitoring centers of the province and the people recognize it, they are happy. We have received many calls, although not all of them we have been able to answer, from those who form the leadership of the Party, from the Secretariat of the Central Committee, from the Political Bureau, the leadership of the government, the state, the National Assembly of People’s Power, from the ministries, from comrades of the party leadership, the government and entities of all the provinces. We have also been called espirituanos sons of this land, some who have been living outside the territory for years, but who feel the pride and that identity and yayaber root, others who fulfill tasks outside the province and all congratulate us, feel this recognition, many have expressed themselves through social networks and by different means, even many who are in different parts of the world and maintain that identity and that feeling towards our land, have ratified that it has been a well-deserved headquarters and that makes us bigger and tells us that this is not only of Sancti Spiritus”.


Deivy Pérez Martin detailed the contribution of each of the sectors of the territory under the impulse of the work system “Sancti Spiritus en Marcha”.

“It is the work system that we have called “Sancti Spiritus en marcha” and from that political movement we have defined the priorities based on its strength of the province, the potentialities, the weaknesses that are well identified and above all how to mobilize the spirit of the spirituanos to participate from different scenarios and that everyone has the opportunity to contribute, I believe that the conviction of YES WE CAN is what has led us to this result.”

“Everything has been marked by unity, articulated with that movement from which creativity and the link with science and innovation have impacted on all indicators, has transversalized the results, has put us a distinction at the country level and has shown how under the leadership of the party and the government in that management with more science and that articulation with our universities and science centers, also led us to these balances.”

He highlighted the people as the real protagonist of the movement: “The most important thing is that we have managed to give participation to our workers, collectives, to the people in general because everything has been in function of them and with them. This consolidated the unity of the people, ratified the trust and unconditional support given by the people to the Party and the Government in an extremely complex scenario”.

And he stressed an essential concept. “We are not yet satisfied with the results. Let’s not think that having been the headquarters means that everything is solved here and the note of the Political Bureau, the first secretary in his tweet, said so. In Sancti Spiritus there are still many things to be solved and I am the first one dissatisfied with what remains to be done, but I have the conviction and the firmness that we have been walking where the priority is and that we will continue moving forward to find solutions to all the problems and that not only the party and the government are going to do it. We have the responsibility and the commitment to do it, to lead it, but also our cadres who played a decisive role in leading the collectives and the people towards the goals achieved. The battle is long and hard but united we are going to achieve it to transform those dissatisfactions and problems we have left”.


He stated that food production has been the priority focus: “It has been a priority the fulfillment of the sowing campaigns, the attention to the crops and to the prioritized productions, the demand towards contracting, in guaranteeing the closing of the productive cycles even when we have had shortages of fuel, fertilizers, raw material and spare parts, but always looking for where we can do more, where the seed is better, what we can do with a yoke of oxen, with a good tillage, how, supporting with voluntary work days, we can promote the fulfillment of those productions that go to the table of the people of Sancti Spíritus, to the social consumption, to guarantee priority sectors within the province and the country and that are also part of that tribute to the economy for being our economic base, we have worked in the livestock recovery”.

Sugarcane production has also been in the focus of priorities: “In my opinion, this has been the most depressed sector in this stage, considering that it has been one of the most impacted, however we have managed to produce more than 15,000 tons of sugar and we are still struggling to produce more, we have managed to produce derivatives, a level of alcohol, we have achieved the cultural attention to sugarcane and we are determined to plant as much as we can”.

The first secretary of the Party in the province also referred to the contribution of other macroeconomic items: “The economic indicators have been very important, we have worked on the substitution of imports and exports, we have been strict watchdogs of indicators, not only in the numerical aspect, but also in how it is supported in physical productions, in quality of service, in how to achieve that our state companies play a better role and that all of them, articulated with the non-state sector, as economic actors which are both, we manage to give answers and look for solutions”.

The investment process and its impact on several areas of the economy and services was one of the indicators that supported the designation of the headquarters.

“Even though we did not manage to fulfill all the investments, progress was made in several related to tourism where we concluded the recovery of the hotel network and a five-star hotel was put into operation, which gives us the possibility of distinguishing ourselves with a different tourism in Trinidad, in the health sector with everything that is done in the multipurpose room towards the intensive care at the Provincial Hospital, in the operating room of the Pediatric Hospital, in the wards of the psychiatric hospital of the territory, in the hydraulic resources, in agriculture, that is to say, it is a set of investments that we have destined, with the resources we have had and the budget we have had, to those places to give a better service to the people, to give quality of life and that everything has an impact on the economy. There are other issues that today we have had to put on the back burner without forgetting them in order to hit where it really counts”.


The contribution of the social sector, with health at the forefront, was also decisive in the granting of the headquarters, according to Deivy Pérez Martin.

“A very great effort led us to the health sector reaching this moment with an infant mortality rate of 2.8 per thousand live births, a first world rate, and that is the effort of our doctors, nurses, primary and secondary care, hospitals, specialists, and the family itself, who have been educated and have been gaining a general culture of this inter-sectoriality to attend this program and others in the sector, even when we have all the deficiencies in diagnostic means, medicines, human resources, but those we have are determined to continue betting on the quality of life. ”

According to the first secretary of the Party in the province other sectors were also distinguished as education, a mainstay with quality indicators of the educational teaching process distinguished in the country, the provision of services and the incorporation of new ones, even when they are below expectations.

“We must highlight the work in the communities where social work was given high priority, in order to attend all families that in one way or another have certain characteristics and have required the attention and accompaniment of the state, the government, the organizations with a support towards social assistance.”


Among the dissatisfactions, he mentioned prices and their negative impact on the population. “This issue is one of those that most burden the people, today the blackout, irritates, is uncomfortable and affects our work activity, home life, services, but the price issue aggravates even more the complex situation we are living and is expressed in the dissatisfaction of the people of Sancti Spiritus and in our own dissatisfaction. We are working, first of all, to organize the commercialization because it is not only the high prices of agricultural products. Here all prices are high and it is due first to the way the Cuban economy is gestated, the number of actors that share this scenario and the way they sustain this activity and secondly because the final destination of the productions that come from the countryside we have to continue ordering them.”

“We have to move forward quickly and firmly in the reordering of prices, we must enforce those that today are being enforced by the committees of agreement and the other thing is the requirement and control. They must be regulated, it cannot be spontaneous. We appreciate that in the last few weeks we have been making progress, adopting a group of measures from the direction that corresponds to the government, articulated with a group of institutions, we are organizing the agricultural trade network, there are many points of sale: there are the MAE (state agricultural markets), the points of the own account approved for this activity, but there are the points called urban agriculture and they are not completely ordered and in not all the production comes directly from the field, in the middle, there is a link, the intermediaries who are those who raise prices and that we have to finish ordering it. ”

He also referred to the actions taken by the government to order a group of activities carried out by individual self-employed workers (TCPs) and others that are articulated in conjunction with the State

“We are in the battle for the cost tab, how much does this cost? How much does the other cost? What is the final price of the product? And in the next few days we are going to give answers, although it will not be all at once. In addition to this, a working group that the provincial government had created to de


The agendas of Sancti Spiritus, adjust their agenda and adjust to the 26th, which according to Deivy Perez Martin, will have the sign of work.

“The best tribute to our heroes and martyrs, the one we can make to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, the best way to be consistent with the teachings of Army General Raul Castro, with the accompaniment of our first secretary and chairman of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez is to work, because only then we can continue to move forward and get the results we need to become welfare for the Cuban people and especially for the people of Sancti Spiritus. Sancti Spiritus has not only worked thinking of this province, but thinking of Cuba and acting as a country.”

al with violations when there is no conscious action and response, and the Prime Minister’s directives to order the commercialization are added to this. The country is going through a very big inflationary process and all this is an expression of it. As far as the people of Sancti Spíritus are concerned, we all have to continue to organize sales, the final destination of productions, their origins and how they reach the counter, the user, it is one of the battles and priorities that we continue to have on the table of analysis and daily combat”.

“In such a complex scenario, today we do not have all the resources to say: we are going to spend 15 days celebrating. The main celebration has to be that of work, which is what the current times demand. We had conceived a group of activities in homage to July 26 that implied activities in the economic, social, productive, cultural, festive activities, especially looking for the approach to the neighborhood because it is in the middle of the summer scenario and that always in our country the vacation period we give a very big weight to summer and recreation, but the limitations are many and we will try to combine work with joy, with enthusiasm and with recreation.”

As priorities of this combination, he emphasized food production: “We must take advantage of this spring and plant as much food and cane as we can, give cultural attentions and combine it with mobilizations of the people to those labors, increase the productive days, advance in the attention to social programs especially those aimed at families from the neighborhood in the approved revival programs, we will do maintenance work, we will advance in the investment process and we have evaluated how to asphalt and improve some streets in the city and roads in the communities, We will work in the investment process of hydraulic resources, in the change of pumps, energy matrix and what is done with the wells to see if we can alleviate the problem of water supply to the population and this will be combined with sports and cultural activities in the communities taking advantage of projects based on the talent of each locality”.

The first secretary of the Party in the province also referred that in the environment of the date, the celebrations will include political acts in all the territories, the Great Cultural Political Gala and the central act that will take place in the Serafin Sanchez Revolution Square.

“This venue further highlights to us one of the values and qualities that most distinguishes the people of Espiritu: industriousness, dedication, that step of the people that we are sure will continue to support us.”

“If last year we were outstanding, the year before last we were at the valuation table and this year we are the headquarters, this spirit of work has to lead us towards the future, to continue advancing and to always be worthy heirs of this patriotic history, which has bequeathed this July 26 to the people of Sancti Spíritus.”

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