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Russian Navy ships visit Cuba

Visitan Cuba buques de la Armada de Rusia

A detachment of Russian warships arrives at the port of Havana on Wednesday for a visit that will last until June 17th.»

EcuRed, a Platform Aimed at Knowledge Management

Located in the south-central area of ​​the eastern Cuban province of Granma, the Bartolomé Masó municipality stands out for having two landscape units, one flat and the other mountainous, which preserve the memories of some of the most transcendental events in our national history, which with the collective contest are part of that source of knowledge that’s the Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia on Internet, EcuRed.»

Cuban beach volleyball duo qualify for Paris 2024

The Cuban beach duo Noslen Díaz-Jorge Luis Alayo officially qualified for Paris 2024, after their recent performance in the Stare Jablonki Challenge, Poland, and the elimination of the Austrian and Chilean duos in the Elite 16 from Ostrava, Czech Republic.»

Sancti Spíritus, Site of Legends and Realities

The fourth Cuban patrimonial village, Sancti Spíritus, is today a place of legends and realities, of renovations to celebrate this June 4 the 510th anniversary of its founding by the Spaniards. The people of Sancti Spíritus live attached to their traditions without abandoning development and modernity as a city that in the 16th century was the union of the east »

Sancti Spíritus is decked out for a New Anniversary

The Office of the Sancti Spíritus City Conservator is currently carrying out several actions aimed at remodeling spaces with a high patrimonial value in honor of the 510th anniversary of the Villa, next June 4.»