Sale of Liquefied Gas restarts in Sancti Spíritus

After 18 days paralyzed, the sale of liquefied gas will restart this Tuesday in the 8 points of sale of the city of Sancti Spíritus. This was confirmed by José Alberto Martínez, director of the commercial house in Sancti Spíritus.»

Cuba’s prime minister highlights tourism as a revenue generator

Cuba's prime minister highlights tourism as a revenue generator

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, speaking at the closing ceremony of the 39th Congress of the Federation of Organizing Entities of Congresses of Latin America (COCAL), stressed the importance of betting on tourism as a sector that generates the income the country needs to continue improving the living conditions of the people»

The enemy is betting on a civil war in Russia

Russia's enemies are betting that a civil war will break out in the country, but there will be none, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, declared on Saturday.»

Cuba return to the municipal second round

A total of 925 constituencies in Cuba will return to the polls on Sunday in the municipal runoff in order to vote for representatives to the assemblies of People's Power.»