Cuba’s prime minister highlights tourism as a revenue generator

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, speaking at the closing ceremony of the 39th Congress of the Federation of Organizing Entities of Congresses of Latin America (COCAL), stressed the importance of betting on tourism as a sector that generates the income the country needs to continue improving the living conditions of the people

Cuba's prime minister highlights tourism as a revenue generator
Cuba’s prime minister highlights tourism as a revenue generator

Cuba is not alone as the enemies of the Revolution pretend, and this event is proof of that, said the Head of Government in this seaside resort city.

In the presence of more than 330 professional organizers from 20 countries, Marrero commented that tourism in the largest of the Antilles is managed under complex conditions compared to other destinations in the region because of the sanctions of the U.S. government; however, the activity continues to develop with the efforts of all and innovation.

According to the Prime Minister, Cuba has the potential to establish itself as a destination for event tourism, with 10 international airports, hotel facilities with infrastructure and trained personnel, in addition to the nation’s historical, patrimonial and cultural values.

About what happened during these days in Cuba’s sun and beach destination par excellence, he highlighted the relevance of the exhibitions, focused on success stories, new technologies, marketing and sustainability in the activity of meetings and professional events.

He urged that after this event the sector in the archipelago should take advantage of what it has learned; so much experience and knowledge must be put to good use, he said at the meeting, which was also attended by Juan Carlos García Granda, Minister of Tourism.

Marrero Cruz praised the fact that the organization of the meeting included the pre-congress session IMEX COCAL Future Leaders Forum, a unique opportunity for young people from several Cuban universities and other Latin American nations to exchange and learn about Congress, Convention and Incentive Tourism (MICE).

He recommended COCAL’s directors to take into account the university students from the largest of the Antilles so that they can bring their experiences to the 40th edition of the Congress and thanked them for having shared and “left a mark that Cuban tourism will know how to take advantage of”.

The MICE segment is a travel modality that is carried out for professional reasons and is of great importance for the so-called smokeless industry, as it generates a high economic contribution, creates jobs, de-seasonalizes demand and positions the destination. 

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