The enemy is betting on a civil war in Russia

Russia’s enemies are betting that a civil war will break out in the country, but there will be none, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, declared on Saturday.

The diplomat wrote on her Telegram channel that “they are tempting us all, testing our strength and determination. Don’t get carried away! Together with our president! May God bless us,” she stressed.

Maria Zakharova recalled that there is only one commander-in-chief in Russia: “We have one commander-in-chief. Not two, not three. Only one. And he called on all of us to unite. That is the most important thing now,” the diplomat added. “Only unity. Unity under the banner of our commander-in-chief,” she added.

Several audio recordings were published on the Telegram channel linked to the founder of the Wagner Group, Evgeny Prigozhin, on June 23rd, stating that Wagner’s units had been attacked in their rear camps, for which he blamed Russia’s military leadership.

As a consequence of these statements, the Russian Federal Security Service opened a criminal case for his call for an armed insurgency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the citizens of Russia calling the activities of the Wagner PMC an “armed insurgency and treason” and vowed that the Russian authorities would take “harsh” measures against the insurgents.

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